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25 Tape Extension Brand Names

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

When a gal asked "what brand of tape in extensions do you use AND how much do you charge?", 25 Tape Extension Brand names were mentioned in a HairStylists Forum with over 150+k members. A few chimed in that they downloaded a video and became certified online.

Why is there such a shift offering a luxury service?! Hair Extensions are the second most technical service. If it's luxury, then the approach must be well educated, best in the business and an honest brand. On behalf of your clients, hair extensions can't be taught online. Why such a bold statement?!

Simply put, Alopecia. And while we are on that topic, I've witnessed damage with tape extensions. It's traumatizing, and possibly life-changing. In our industry, we thrive on details, and it's all those little details that matter IF you want to be successful.

25 Tape Extension Brand Names

Donna Bella


Hair Dreams

Dream Catchers


Hot Heads

Locks & Bonds


Eyes On Your Beauty


Hair Talk

Hair Piece


Tony Odisho

Glam Seamless


Twisted Fringe

Habit Salon

Platinum Seamless

Lux Extensions

Beauty Maxx

Euro Loxs

So.Cap USA

Easihair Pro

Euro So.Cap

Doctored Loxx

Bellami Pro

There're more than a few brand names that I wouldn't use in my salon and can promise you that YOU SHOULDN'T EITHER. Tape extensions are re-usable, and when the quality isn't there, you can't re-use them. AND when the quality isn't there, I can promise you that your client is walking around with extensions that look like a hot mess! Do you really want your client's first experience with hair extensions to be like this?!

Lastly, tape extensions are NOT for everyone. So much goes into selecting the right method for your guest and the approach to offer one method and one brand of extensions will forever be the catalysts behind our education company. At Studio She, I work with four color rings just for Tape In Extensions. Each "brand" has unique pros and cons depending on my guests DNA. We also scallop, customize, cocktail and approach this method with creativity. It isn't about picking one brand and cashing in.

Be passionate about this industry. Your future depends on it! You must come from the heart, and the money will come later. Women need Extension Artists who will have their best interest and trust me when she finds that person she will be forever loyal! I know this because my guests travel from NY, NJ, WV, VA, PA, DC and MD.

Examples of questions to ask when selecting a company for Tape Extensions.

Where is the hair sourced?

Is this Remy human hair and if so what is the percentages?

What percentage is the "actual" length (single drawn)?

If double drawn what percentage?

What is the adhesive made of? Is it durable? Shiny or dull? ( you don't want shiny!)

Will the extension hair shed?

Does the tape need to be heated for application?

Can I re-use and if so how many times?

Can I color these extensions and if so under what guidelines?

How to remove and will it leave a build up and require copious amounts of oil?

What is the weight of each piece and can they be cut?

One shoe doesn't fit everyone! When you attend the Mastery Class, you'll be given an up-to-date Vendors list of companies you can trust. I want you to be successful and help as many women as possible. I also want you to enjoy the opportunity we get to create and make people feel great! PLUS, learning from my mistakes will save you a lot of time and money (just ask my ex-husband lol).

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