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25 Tape Extension Brand Names

Updated: Aug 4

25 Tape Extension Brand Names

Donna Bella


Hair Dreams

Dream Catchers


Hot Heads

Locks & Bonds


Eyes On Your Beauty


Hair Talk

Hair Piece


Tony Odisho

Glam Seamless


Twisted Fringe

Habit Salon

Platinum Seamless

Lux Extensions

Beauty Maxx

Euro Loxs

So.Cap USA

Easihair Pro

Euro So.Cap

Doctored Loxx

Bellami Pro

They're more than a few brand names that I wouldn't use in my salon and can promise you that YOU SHOULDN'T EITHER. Tape extensions are re-usable, and when the quality isn't there, you can't re-use them. AND when the quality isn't there, I can promise you that your client is walking around with extensions that look like a hot mess! Do you really want your client's first experience with hair extensions to be like this?!

Lastly, tape extensions are NOT for everyone. So much goes into selecting the right method for your guest and the approach to offer one method and one brand of extensions will forever be the catalysts behind our education company. At Studio She, I work with four color rings just for Tape-In Extensions. Each "brand" has unique pros and cons depending on my guest's DNA. We also scallop, customize, cocktail, and approach this method with creativity. It isn't about picking one brand and cashing in.

Which companies should you trust? We release a confidential Vendor list to all who attend our Mastery Hair Extensions Class.

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