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Beaded Row Before & After

The power extensions can give!

When I first met *Stacy I automatically wanted to help. She arrived with her hair tightly pulled back into a ponytail. Sadly her hair was over-processed, and she was wearing very yellow tape extensions.

During our consultation, she shared with me that her husband deployed and the stress of not knowing if he would return took a toll on her health. Keeping things light and positive, I brought her back for a "one-hour makeover." A quick install using a hand-tied weft, silk thread, and silicone beads.

When she left, she told me that it's the first time her husband will see her with her hair down since he returned from Afghanistan.

I lightly say the "one-hour makeover" because it takes about one hour to apply hand-tied hair extensions. The color and application was a total of 3.

The power extensions can give!

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