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Custom Wig Design Classes

Updated: Aug 4

I know that some of you have been asking about Custom Lace Wig Design and you've seen photos circling the web.

Years ago I flew to Los Angles to train with one of my mentors, a Jewish Wig Designer from Paraguay. She arrived on a bus with a sheet dividing the men from the women. I was fascinated with her from the get-go. We both stayed at the same hotel and trained in her hotel room for three days. Seems weird right?! But it's true, and it was an excellent experience. While getting to know her, she took her wig off, and there it was, a full head of healthy hair! WTF?! I was confused, why would a woman with such great hair be wearing a wig? And then I wondered how hot it must be wearing a wig outside in the summer months in Paraguay. As it turns out, Orthodox Jewish women wear a Sheitel. In the Jewish religion, after a woman marries she is required by Jewish law to cover her hair when she goes out in public. This also explains why the Jewish community makes some of the best wigs!

I learned how to ventilate using the smallest most intricate steps. I was able to make a mold to the head using saran wrap and clear packing tape. I mean, it was unreal. What an art and if you open your mind you can design some fantastic wigs with baby hair, single and double knotting, french lace and a custom fit! And that's just what I did. I started designing wigs for women who struggled with hair loss and eventually women who have trichotillomania (a hair-pulling disorder) and so on.

A few years ago, our Mastery Class was 1-3 days. The first two days the focus was the Art & Business of Hair Extensions. Followed by the third day of Custom Wig Lace Wig Design. Why did I stop teaching it?! Because my true love is hair extensions. I also want Stylists at their best and having fun while learning! At the end of learning all seven methods of hair extensions, and finishing the course, there really isn't any headspace left for wig design. It's a legit state of overload and overwhelm.

I stopped offering custom wig design. The stress of sending a custom mold overseas and waiting 3-6 weeks for it to be handmade was a total buzzkill. I didn't enjoy making my guests wait, and it's always hard to trust someone to make something the way I envision it.

BUT I will say, there is a gap in the market for a Wig Designer to market her business as a "fixer." What's a fixer?

When I lived in Huntington Beach, I ran an ad in Craigslist for Wig Repair/Designer, and I was busy! Great wigs sell up to $10,000 and always need repairs. The lighter the weight the more realistic they wear. Which also means they need ventilation every few months. Whether or not it's for a cancer patient/survivor, a model, actress, or everyday gal if she wears a wig, you'll be her best friend. And don't forget your drag queens, they have tons of wigs that always need some love. *Just sayin

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