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Updated: Aug 4

Will you be one of only 50 Stylists that attend the Mastery Class in 2019?! With limited seating and only 4 classes per year ... it’s time to put yourself FIRST and start the new year off RIGHT! 💃🏻 🥂 They say “when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life”. That’s just how I feel ❤️. I’ve announced the next class February 3/4 2019. Early Bird Registration IS OPEN and I am SO excited for the new website - manual - kit upgrades and the launch 🚀 of the SHADOW PROGRAM. This two day / hands-on / Certification class is unlike any other. Why? Well first off is just plain AWESOME 😎. 17 jam-packed hours of hands-ON education working on a human hair mannequin using all methods of hair extensions. PLUS Relationships have been formed to give you a vendors list detailing whom to trust as your supplier. These vendors I use in my own salon. The list details companies from around the 🌎! Although it’s pages long ... I’ve recently taken 5 names OFF the list to make room for 5 companies that continually keep up with supreme quality. These companies you won’t find on Alibaba (I say this because there is no governing rating system 😬)... as a matter of fact, these vendors are small supply houses that are deserving of your hard earned 💰. They are also companies you will be safe growing your business with. The bottom line is, once you have your new guest in the chair... do you have the education and resources to secure client retention? There are many steps to being successful and by choosing the wrong company you’ll be sure to sink the ship before it ever makes it out into the ocean! It’s also true that offering one method to each guest in your chair is a recipe for disaster. Women need and deserve options! You better have more than one color ring to match to her texture of hair and possibly her budget. PLUS we are unique and one method/one texture of hair will NOT work for everyone. One shoe doesn’t fit each guest. It’s sorta basic math. .....oh and if you’re still reading 📖 this ... (I ADORE you) 👉🏻hop onto the website Can’t wait to meet everyone in 2019 💁🏻

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