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Flat Box Fusion vs Rolling in Keratin Bonds

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Keratin Bonds aka Fusion is the #1 method of hair extensions used in salons. I work with brands such as SHE by So.Cap (not to be confused with its twin So.Cap which isn't a twin after all), Great Lengths, YVR and others that are shared during the two-day Mastery Class.

I can remember moving to the US and needing, not wanting, needing my hair done. Newly married and not knowing a soul it wasn't so easy finding a stylist that would recognize the right way to apply Fusion Extensions, especially to my fine hair. Directly after this horrible experience, I opened my first business, My Long Tresses, in Baltimore.

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One of these experiences was with Fusion Hair Extensions. The hair application was applied too close to the root, thereby causing me spots of Alopecia. Secondly, the bonds were rolled in which in my case is an absolute NO!. Thirdly, there wasn't a buffer between the bonds which only created matting as they grew out and lastly the hair after a few washes started to tangle and knot. Promised it was Great Lengths Hair Extensions and worth the $1500 that I paid. I was lied too, taken advantage of and felt incredibly overwhelmed. After all, I didn't move to the US with a big bank account that could afford moments like this.

I am aware that 90% of Extension Companies will teach you to roll extensions in. However, let me ask you this, would you prefer your guest to have extensions that sit flat and protect the integrity of the natural hair OR would you instead have little grains of rice that pop out and are easily detected?!

The first image isn't my own and shows a keratin bond that has been rolled in. The second photo is flat box fusion.

I've noticed some great salons in NYC and LA that only offer flat box fusion and there's a reason why!

That said, I have witnessed some pretty great photos on social media with rolled in bonds. However, those bonds are cut down quite a bit and customized for the individual. I hold firm that flat box bond is the only way to apply fusion as it is undetectable, sits flush and flat to the head, protects the integrity of the natural hair, and also is less stressful for the guest. Why less stress?! When someone touches her head, she doesn't have to worry as much that the bonds can be felt.

During class, I teach flat box fusion, and we touch on how to roll keratin bonds. I only do this because I like to show everything possible to give Stylists the most value possible.

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