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Next Mastery Class is...

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The moment you've been waiting for!

It's SO good to be back!  

Alumni are rocking the before and after photos, and I couldn't be happier!  Tickled pink to see the progress and excited for the future of every one of you.  SO thanks for sharing and please keep those photos and questions coming!

Anyhoo...after taking a much needed working vacation (someone is writing a book?!)

We are back online and preparing for the February 3/4 Mastery Class.

What makes you a perfect fit for The Mastery Certification Class?

YOU understand "come from the HEART FIRST, and the money comes later". (We are not pushing the Million Dollar Stylist or Big Money Stylist.  As a matter of fact, our company is the complete opposite.  Building your client book from the inside out will sustain you in this industry!)

YOU have a PASSION for helping women achieve a stronger sense of self.

YOU are licensed and love your career!

YOU realize that traveling for education is vital to achieve success and to keep inspired. (I've traveled the world in search of knowledge, shouldn't you?)

YOU agree that the Art of Hair Extensions can't be taught online!  

YOU may be offering extensions now, but you also want to learn more and update your methods and application process.

YOU are using old vendors and have issues with consistency.

If you answered yes to any of the above, then LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!

If you've ever been blindsided by attending the wrong hair extension class, I know the feeling.  It's those classes that inspired me to share my 15+ years of experience.  

OK, head over to the site to check out the Class Outline!

And remember, there's only one you with your unique talents and personality.  Remember to swim in the blue ocean while separating yourself from the so-called competition.  I can help you with this!

With OODLES of love and commitment to your success!


P.S. If anyone you know needs EDUCATION in hopes to work SMARTER NOT HARDER behind the chair, forward this blog post.  The ideas, concepts and hands-on approach could help someone spend more time with loved ones than grinding it out behind the chair 12 hours per day!  We all know someone like this who needs a gentle reminder that being a Cosmetologist doesn't always mean long a$$ days!  Just sayin.

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