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How can I say that I was wrong?!

Updated: Jan 14

"Hair extensions CAN"T be taught online, the business YES, but the art?...heck NO".

I've been teaching private and group classes since 2007 and never did I think that after all these years I'd be working day and night creating modules and course content for online certification classes. What's mind-blowing is that I was wrong about a few things and since opening my mind it's forced me to create online education unlike any other!

Since Covid-19 I've taken 3 Master Classes on course development and business/marketing. The more I learn the more you'll learn right?! I want to give you my ALL and pass on every possible win and loss that I have faced as a triple-certified hair extension master artist, salon owner, and educator.

When I moved to the US, I didn't know a soul. I've made huge mistakes that cost me $25K, and smaller mistakes that cost me emotional distress. I've also opened three hair extension bar/boutique salons and gained a full book of clients. I've got SO much to share and it's not just about business! Which methods work best for your client and who can you source hair extensions from that you can trust? Don't you think it's time to learn from someone that knows what you're going through rather than learning from a sponsored brand educator?

What I love about creating this online Master Class is that I'm not forced to teach everything I know in just two days! I'm taking my time creating modules that you'll be able to revisit! Videos that you can watch over and over.

I'd like to invite you to the Beta Class this February. Because this is a flagship, this Platinum Master Class is 70% off. Seating is limited and it will sell out!

Course Details

Requirements: The HET Masterclass for hair extensions is available to licensed cosmetologists.

Course Level: Professional/Master.

Course Objective: This course is designed to help you discover, establish, and leverage unique positioning in the extensions industry by acquiring high-level, in-demand skills. Professionals who complete the course are equipped to separate themselves from the competition by offering superior, maestro-level extensions services.

Medium: The four week, interactive HET Masterclass is conducted entirely virtually with hair extension classes online. It is divided into training modules and a final exam.

Post-Course Opportunities: Upon successful completion and certification, you will have the opportunity to shadow a head educator.

Class Syllabus

The HET Platinum Masterclass hair extensions course will cover five different methods of hair extensions. These methods will be covered at master level through a series of virtual advanced cosmetology classes.

Preparing for Enrollment in the HET Platinum Masterclass

Upon course commencement, training classes will be released weekly. Each session consists of a mix of videos, worksheets, and resources. To supplement the main coursework, small "Mastermind" groups will be conducted via Zoom. Instructions for how to access all of the resources and live activities will be supplied to students upon enrollment. Students will be responsible for keeping up with coursework throughout the four-week experience. Upon certification, candidates who complete the course will have opportunities to shadow head educators as part of the program's hands-on component.

READY TO JOIN US? I can't wait to meet you!

Registration opens in just two weeks!

*There's an interview process for the Beta class

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