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How To Prep For Fusion Extensions (for the artist)

Don't skip steps when it comes to offering your clients the best!

Do you wash your extensions before application? It makes a world of difference. I know it adds to your daily grind but the reality is that most extensions are coated with some type of silicone or unknown layer that when washed reacts like shampoo. Whatever this foreign substance is, prevents the hair from laying the way it would naturally. This little tip will also improve your styling and after photos. Because the hair is washed it will hold curl in a more believable less forced way.

Cut down the keratin bonds. Just because the bond is a certain size doesn't mean it's ready for attachment.

I can't think of a time that I've used the entire bond. Each bond needs to be customized. For example, cutting one keratin bond in half will give you two smaller pieces. Those pieces can be used on the sides or higher on the head than the others. It's also great to use this for adding highlights and lowlights.

Clean your heat wand. Use a wet cloth and give your heat wand a good clean.

Your tray should have the following items

Clips, Comb, Tail Comb, Heat Sheild, Hair Pins, Silicone Pad, Heat Tool

Hair Extensions organized using an extension holder,

Now you're ready to start the service.

Clarify Shampoo your client's hair. No conditioner, unless it's a must.

Rough dry 75%. Such a huge tip and time saver. I know some education companies tell you to blow out the hair and flat iron but I couldn't disagree more. I need to know that when I'm attaching keratin bonds, that I'm attaching to a rough surface. Rough drying provides this texture for me which elongates the life of the extensions. I need bonds to stay in and defy all elements such as lifestyle, natural oils, products, etc. etc.

Lastly, it's your choice how you want to showcase your "makeover". Often stylists turn the client away from the mirror for the big reveal. Others allow the client to watch the process. For me, I go off the vibe of the person in the chair.

Any tips or comments you'd like to share with me? I love to connect with like minds.

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