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Hair Extensions and Olaplex

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Believe the hype!

Your clients want to know what's best for extensions and with so many products on the do you know?! I like to joke in the salon, "if it ain't broke don't fix it!". I know what works and I stick with it.

Extensions have a past life before they arrived at your salon they have traveled to several countries and have had some trauma! If you purchase Indian hair, the hair was donated at a level 2 and arrives at to your salon at a level 10A. The process from donation to the vendor is taxing and the hair, just like our own, needs some lovin'.

What Olaplex IS? One word: MAGICInsurance for your hair and your hair extensions. Olaplex is a BOND PROTECTOR and is to be thought of only as such.

What Olaplex ISNT? A conditioning treatment. Many salons and stylists are marketing that Olaplex is a conditioning treatment when in all actuality it isn’t. I was in a class with Tracey Cunningham (Celebrity Colorist and all around AWESOME human), and she reminded us that a Scientist formulates Olaplex and its sole purpose is to keep the hair intact. It protects the structure of the hair that is usually damaged by ammonia, peroxide and all the other chemicals found in hair color and bleach.

What is the price of the Olaplex Treatment? I add Olaplex No. 1 at no cost to my clients. If it’s needed then how can I not protect the integrity of the hair?! I have incorporated Olaplex into my pricing. Not everyone agrees with me on this, and I have witnessed salons offering Olaplex for up to $90.

Hair Extensions

Olaplex is highly effective when working on 100% human hair extensions. Remember that a company can legally label extensions 100% Human Hair as long as they contain at least 80% human hair. Also, some extensions have a keratin-like coating on them and can be colored with textile dyes, which can prevent Olaplex from being fully capable. Always do a test strand when working with extensions as results vary due to unknown prior color processes. When using Olaplex on human hair extensions, it is best to avoid the base when applying a treatment. As Olaplex No. 2 is cream based, this can cause slippage so take reasonable precautions. We recommend applying Olaplex No. 2 mid-shaft to ends. You may also use diluted No.1 as a treatment if concerned with the use of cream form. If doing an Olaplex Treatment before the extension application, shampoo twice thoroughly to remove any residue. For more information about how Olaplex is changing the world one head at a time.

Do you have any secret potions you like to use behind the chair?! I'd love to hear from you and share your story! :)

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