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The Art Of The Hair Extension Consultation

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The art of the consultation is a very real thing! Over 90% of my clients book their future hair extension appointment during this time.

Prior to the consultation apt. you should've confirmed that their hair is at least 5" in length. You've also asked them to bring inspiration photos.

1. Ask questions (eg. What do you expect your extensions to look like?)

2. Be a good listener.

3. Is she/he a potential client? (Find out is she has allergies. Someone allergic to Mohair and Wool may be allergic to keratin extensions or other types of extensions).

4. Can she/he commit to maintenance every 6-8 weeks? If not, is she/he a candidate for something more permanent like keratin fusion hair extensions?

5.. Do they have hair loss? This can be from pregnancy, stress, chemical processing, natural shedding, etc..

6. Budget. I almost feel like this should be the first question to ask!

7. Hair Type? (Fine, Medium or Thick)

8. Analyze Hair texture

9. Determine the best method for your client. Explain to her/him why you have selected this option.

10. Fill out the Hair Extension Order Form.

11. Client signs release forms

12. Book the installation apt.

13. Accept a deposit. (This is up to the salon/stylist)

Have these things ready!

Cloth Tape Measure

This is the best advice I can give! Often the guest is misguided and thinks that she needs 22" hair extensions, yet her own hair is 10" and she's only 5'3! A tape measure quickly shows the guest where to expect the extensions to rest and helps communicate what will look best following the length guidelines.

+you can only double in length if you want to defy the mullet!

2 Copies of Clients Maintenance/Home Care Program (one for you and one for the client)

Model Release Form (if you plan on using the photos for any marketing)

Book of Photos |Social Media showcasing your work

Hair Extension Color rings from more than one vendor/method

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