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The Commitment Phobe Extensionist

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

I am giggling writing this blog because I promise you I've been called a commitment-phobe my whole life. And that's another story for a different day LOL. In this case, it's business-related, and I promise you that you'll become a commitment-phobe too!

Recently there is a surge in the Influencer Status on Social Media. I've spoken to and have been communicating with several large hair extension companies that have contacted me via Instagram. What's the common denominator? Exclusivity to one Company, one brand of hair extensions, and thereby I will become a Sponsored Stylist by this company. What's in it for me? IG followers, the ability to use their name which is affiliated to a broad audience which will help me grow a more significant fan base and thereby grow my business. The possibility of making a bit of residual income for future sales. UP to 10% actually. Not bad when you think of how much that could really add up to be right?!

But here's the deal. I feel like I would be a fraud if I did this. I would make more money for sure...but, I don't run my business this way, and I am a woman of integrity. Don't hate on me for saying this but seriously. Do you really think all your clients have the same texture of hair?! Because committing to one brand means that you are saying so! Last time I checked our hair is unique to our DNA and one brand and one method of extensions ain't gonna do it. (I meant to say ain't lol).

I am aware of other companies that provide exceptional training and will ask you to commit to their brand and their one method of application. What's in it for you?! Education, which I am a fan of. Use of their name. Meaning you can say " I am Christina Jones and I am Certified with NBR Extensions." What do they require of you? That you keep up to the contract and the guidelines of the brand.

I'm a hard-core believer in education and when there is the opportunity to learn and open your mind, why not?! I've taken pretty much every class associated with a large brand, other than NBR actually. I think they are doing a great job at vibe/tribe!

So, think about it. To give your clients "options," you better be rocking more than one coloring ring at your station. This is just one of the many reasons that the Vendors List is a considerable time and money saver. You can trust that it's full of every method, texture, and length possible, using companies you can trust.

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