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Updated: Jun 23, 2019

I've noticed you've been checking me out ;)

Classes are held at Studio She in Maryland and Vancouver, B.C.

Anne is our travel guide ;)...she will work closely with you if you need help with travel plans.

At this time we have a few seats open July 8/9 at Studio She, Maryland. This class is a "special" class because we are filming B-Roll for the new site, so there are LOTS of extra perks! Extra extensions, catered lunch, double fun the environment, etc. etc.!

The 2-Day Hands-On workshop is an intense 16 hours which will bring you utterly up-to-speed on all things extensions. You will also receive your Professional Kit, Mannequin Head, Vendors List (which is a game changer) and Manual/Workbook. We also provide you with a standing tripod because unlike our competitors; we don't believe you can learn this skill sitting down! After all, we work standing up! EUREKA!

I am in the office 9-11 Thursday/Friday and Monday, June 25th.

If you have questions about the program, I would be happy to schedule a call!

With all my commitment,

Christina Jones

NAPW Award Winner

CALL 240.600.1777


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