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Why I Created a "Tell-All" Hair Extension Mastery Course

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The beginning of my teaching career was organic for me. A gal called from Ohio mentioning that she has seen my work on one of my websites and wanted to learn more.

Like her, I understood the desire to learn everything possible, and I was elated she chose me. That day things changed for me, and I learned that I freakin love to share my passion with like minds. I also had so many lessons/stories about my journey that could save her "literally" so much headache and money.

My salon became so busy that I had to hire a Personal Assistant. Not to physically help me with guests in the chair, but to book guests, order products, speak to Stylists who share an interest in the 2-Day Mastery Class, complete Registration, book hotels, social media and so on.

Behind my passion and experience is also my disappointment. I think it's wrong for hair extension companies to flirt with the idea that we should spend $1200 - $8000 or more to learn one single method of extensions. You'll end up learning a lot about the company and how to order their products, and not so much about what really matters, techniques! Dexterity, placement, coloring, customizing, cocktailing, tips and tricks and so on! I mean seriously...if you can shop online, you can figure out how to order hair. Sure they may "touch" how to color match, and you'll be given 50 strands of hair extensions to practice on your mannequin, but you'll leave not ready to take on new clients. Especially since it's one method of hair extensions.

This Tell All is exactly that. I'm giving it to you straight from the hip! Everything you need and more than! You'll be exhausted after 16 hours of education and I'll be right beside you along the way.

As classes have evolved, I have taught in Chicago, Los Angeles, NYC, Miami, Vancouver, and Seattle. My team, Reece and Anne, also can be found at several trade shows in the US.

My WHY'S are clear. I wrote and teach this Mastery Class because I love it, I also do it because it ables me to help as many women as possible. I understand that the average Stylist makes $45k per year and works way too many 12 hour days. I also feel empowered that we can help other women achieve a stronger sense of self by offering them more than one method of hair extensions. We, together, can bring awareness about a service that is for every woman that needs a little extra volume and length. I also get a surge of fantastic energy being in a room with Stylists who get it.

If you have any questions about the class or even just a quick question about the business, please don't hesitate to send an email.

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